Evaluate: Self Assessment Tool
How we can help?

GBW’s team of in-house specialists have combined our experiences of programme and reporting development around the world with our proven mobile data capture programme to create a solution that can be utilised by any team to drive visibility and insights and support meaningful change wherever it’s required.

We help our client’s businesses by:

  • Providing the tools required to quickly and easily create a survey on any topic.
  • Utilising simple logic to ensure your teams can respond quickly and easily to your questions – even when further questions are needed to get to the heart of any given issue.
  • Pushing surveys to specific teams – subject to their specific location, store type or categorisation.
  • Monitoring responses in real-time to get a feel for what’s happening out in the field.
  • Providing drag and drop functionality to quickly design the reporting you’ll need to understand performance, issues and areas of focus.
  • Our team is on hand at any stage to provide guidance or support in any aspect of your ‘evaluate’ requirements.

Our portfolio of measurement services have a clearly defined role to play in providing independent and objective assessments from a customer/brand perspective.

We also recognise that in today’s competitive environment, ongoing insights and real frontline ownership require a corresponding solution - with the need for consistent, reliable and evolving experiences playing a larger part in meeting customers' ever-more-demanding expectations.

This is why GBW created ‘Evaluate’ – a custom-designed self-assessment tool that’s as flexible, intuitive and insightful as your demands require.

By providing your frontline teams with the means of sharing immediate feedback with you and your business stakeholders, you benefit from seeing how your teams are performing, and hearing first-hand their challenges or barriers to delivery.

Whilst GBW’s team of experts remain on hand to provide insights and best practice solutions, ‘evaluate’ also provides you and your teams the ability to create, distribute and report your own surveys and expected (text, numeric or image-based) responses – at a time of your choosing.

Evaluate: Self Assessment Tool

Our CX offerings

Front line teams receive specific tasks. These can include measurements around:

Program consultation and design

  1. ‘Evaluate’ allows rapid creation and deployment of any survey required to be shared with your frontline teams
  2. Surveys can be created using our step-by-step intuitive tool
  3. Survey logic can be applied to ensure surveys are quick and easy to complete
  4. Categorisation of your teams will ensure only relevant surveys are sent to specific teams
  5. Our team of consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have

Data capture and action tracking

  1. Once survey results are in, performance by store, category or region can be immediately identified
  2. Regional or territory managers will be able to create reporting output

Program creation and delivery

  1. Promotional/seasonal layout execution
  2. Due diligence/compliance checks
  3. Brand or Facilities audits
  4. Staff engagement, pulse surveys and identification of training requirements

Reporting and analytics

  1. Reports can be quickly created by your own program champions
  2. Focus is provided on resolving performance issues
  3. Images are captured and available for review
  4. Data captured is reported in real-time to stakeholders
  5. Action tracking can be applied to programme output
  6. Track and monitor progress
  7. GBW provides full support as required

Evaluate: Self Assessment Tool

What makes us different?

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-assessment capabilities enable your company to:

  • Engage with your frontline employees
  • Establish standards of presentation and performance
  • Improve ownership and understanding of standards
  • Rapidly respond to changing events via push notifications
  • Improve standards of performance output and timeliness
  • Provide unparalleled visibility from a company perspective
  • Deliver enhanced customer experiences with lower-cost deployment
  • Improve standards and experience for your customers – increasing sales and ultimately advocacy

Self-assessment provides company stakeholders and frontline teams with the tools to improve understanding of the standards expected, visibility of the output achieved, feedback and support requirements directly to the teams that can influence change, and focus for regional management on where remedial action is most needed.

GBW’s self-assessment tool combines over 25 years of programme creation and delivery around the world, using a custom-designed interface to support your stakeholders create the surveys they need, and powerful yet intuitive mobile applications to facilitate easy data capture and submission to a centralised reporting platform.

GBW’s team are happy to support any questions you may have on the development of a self-assessment programme for your business and frontline teams.


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