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Voice of the customer (VoC) is the process of recording what customers are saying about your company, product, or service. Voice of the customer (VoC) refers to customer feedback about their experience and expectations with your product or service. It is concerned with their needs, expectations, insights, and service enhancement. Our Voice of the Customer solution assists businesses in better understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of their customers while also improving their products and services. Our Voice of the Customer programme reveals customer preferences, issues, and complaints. These VoC programmes recognise and respond to the customer's voice in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies are embracing the voice of their customers in order to use data to improve the way customers experience everything.

Companies struggle to obtain feedback because:

  • An inability to capture customer experience CX and perception across multiple touchpoints.
  • No incentives offered to show appreciation of time and too much effort is placed on the customer to provide feedback.
  • Limited channels through which feedback is provided and no means of authenticating feedback.
  • Lack of meaningful analysis of the data captured throughout the process.

That’s why our methodology includes:

  • Ability to hear what your customers care about across multiple platforms.
  • Technology to support constant customer feedback with a provision to reward them.
  • Capabilities to capture inputs in real-time from anywhere to allow rapid reaction and resolution.
  • Immediate escalation ability to help reduce customer churn rates.
  • Authenticated responses to form action plans across different hierarchies within your business.
  • Analysis of customer feedback combined with store data to identify areas to improve.


Our CX offerings

Program consultation and design

  1. Establish objectives, scope and priorities
  2. Recommend optimised solutions
  3. Engage and co-create with stakeholders
  4. Establish key touchpoints and channels
  5. Design survey to optimise insights
  6. Align incentive strategy to drive responses

Data capture and action tracking

  1. Track and monitor ongoing responses
  2. Create alerts for immediate action
  3. Allocate ‘contact me’ tracking and monitor
  4. Escalate outstanding actions as required

Program creation and delivery

  1. Obtain client sign-off and setup program
  2. Work with client on marcoms strategy
  3. Set up our proprietary KODOhub mobile application
  4. Set up online feedback capture solutions, including URL’s, pop-ups, chatbots and QR codes where appropriate
  5. Integrate social media where required
  6. Establish online strategy to drive response

Reporting and analytics

  1. Generate all site reports and dispatch
  2. Populate GDX interactive Bi reporting tool
  3. Undertake analysis of data collected
  4. Generate QBR (quarterly) reporting
  5. Present insights to stakeholders
  6. Apply learnings to enhance future waves

Customer Experience (CX) Management Services

What makes us different?

Case Studies

Sector / Industry

A global energy and petrochemical conglomerate with over 80,000 employees in over 70 countries and expertise in the exploration, production, refining, fuel retail and marketing of oil and natural gas, as well as the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals.


  • Ensuring flexibility in launching a VOC program across all 1,350 stations managed by different Shell Joint Venture tailoring to bespoke needs of each JV partner.
  • Ensuring data integrity while maintaining a response count target of 210 responses per site per month.
  • Strict local compliance on handling of personal data.

Key Achievements

  • Integration with Shell China’s membership system, which covers all JVs granting control over its survey incentives​.
  • Survey invites triggered at the end of a purchase journey in station.
  • Unique survey link tackling misuse/fraud.
  • Nationwide webinars increasing engagement and obtaining key stakeholder buy ins.
  • Maintain personal data within China to avoid any non-compliance with personal data management.

Sector / Industry

World's leading 65 years old food service brand with more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries serving 63 million customers every day around the globe.


A client collecting visit details from customers by requiring the customer to manually enter over 18 different characters from receipts. This cumbersome requirement for customers led to high survey abandonment and low response rates from their previous supplier. Low response count leads to lack of insights, difficulty in tracking trends and plan for action.

Key Achievements

  • Introduced QR code on receipts to capture customer visit details effectively removing manual inputs.
  • Where there are challenges with implementing QR codes via POS, GBW introduced OCR technology that scans receipts for a more seamless experience for customers.

Sector / Industry

An international fast-food restaurant chain from Japan. They have more than 1700 restaurants including restaurants in Japan, Asia, The Pacific and Oceania.


  • First time running a digital VOC program nationwide transitioning from a paper-based survey program.
  • Lack of technology and infrastructure critical to the success of a digital program.

Key Achievements

  • Digitized site list enabling for a more efficient site list management.
  • Developed a self-serve reporting and notification management tool.
  • Developed a complex reward management tool allowing for high customizability.
  • Launched a world-class VOC program leading to richer insights that helped improved overall customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that you provide every customer with an opportunity to give feedback at each stage along their physical or digital customer journey. Make every effort to minimise barriers to participation, and look to incentivise participants time in order to encourage as broad a range of experiences as possible. Finally, always act upon the feedback recevied, and wherever possible, share the actions taken with customers to demonstrate you’ve listened and acted.

Once receiving a customer feedback form you can find amazing insights, from decision making answers for your business to measuring customer satisfaction among your current customers

A voice of customer (VoC) program is a collection of tools and processes that gathers and analyzes customer feedback to improve products and services, employee training, and overall customer satisfaction. These tools can include URL based online surveys, dedicated mobile apps, chatbots and popups, dedicated physical terminals or touchscreens found in high footfall locations – to name a few.

The needs of your customers continully evolve, as the world becomes increasingly competitive, focussed on cost, time, choice and service experiences. Understanding how your customers feel about their interactions and perceptions of your organisation is vital - informing your decision making and influence innovations and changes to your products or services.

Voice of customer (VoC) surveys or forms are one of the best tools. In order to make a qualified customer form you can follow these steps:

  • Keep it short.
  • Only ask questions that fulfill your end goal.
  • Construct smart, open-ended questions.
  • Ask one question at a time.
  • Make rating scales consistent.
  • Avoid leading and loaded questions.
  • Make use of yes/no questions.
  • Get specific and avoid assumptions.

Once you finish your customer feedback program you will have qualified insights that can be key for the prosperity of your business. Who better to ask than your own customers to understand what they want?

When a Voice of Customer programme grows in volume, analytics is critically important to understand key topics and themes, sentiment, linkages and how feedback is tracking over time. These key themes allow senior stakeholders to track performance, monitor both existing and newly emerging topics and take any necessary remedial action.

Voice of Customer surveys come in a number of shapes and sizes, including:

  • Customer surveys (B2C)
  • Enterprise surveys (B2B)
  • Website feedback and behavior tracking
  • Email, live chat & customer support
  • Social media & online reviews
  • Interviews (In person or online)

Voice of customers can be used to:

  • Identify systemic pain points
  • Understand changing perceptions
  • Provide immediate actionable feedback
  • Assess variations in team performance, across time and geography
  • Track long-term performance across key touchpoints
  • Establish the range and frequency of experiences
  • Rectify poor experiences, using a tracable feedback loop
  • Pre-empt likely future behaviour, such as re-purchase or renewal


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