Customer Feedback Surveys
  • Give every customer a voice to tell you about their experience
  • Surveys are offered across multiple platforms
  • Feedback is received in real time to allow rapid reaction
  • Immediate escalation helps reduce customer churn rates
  • High response rates provide understanding of all experiences
  • GBW’s solutions provides assurances over data integrity
  • Build a relationship with loyal customers – via a ‘reward wallet’

  • On going insights drives a customer service focussed culture within your organisation
  • Providing this facility gives customers both a voice and a positive impression of your business
  • Customers have the ability to provide feedback direct to your business – rather than social media
  • Low cost implementation drives maximum value for your business

Who, Where, When
  • Any customer has the opportunity to share with you what they love, loath, and everything in between
  • Responses are sent at any point within an agreed timeframe
  • Promoted anywhere – from on site to online – customers respond at their convenience, to your specifications

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