Mystery Shopping
  • A measurement of your aspiraUonal brand standards
  • An independent assessment of the enUre customer journey
  • Understand how your frontline teams are performing
  • Assess standards of service and presentaUon – against your own specific criteria
  • Understand the greatest areas of impact upon customer retenUon
  • Establish where to focus your Ume and efforts to enable the most benefit to your business

  • Understands consistency of performance
  • IdenUfies operaUonal challenges
  • Establishes key opportuniUes for improvement
  • Maintains ongoing focus on service and standards
  • Recognizes high achievers and address poor performance

Who, Where, When
  • A frequency to suit your business - any hour of the day
  • Any accessible locaUon, in over 100 countries, wherever your operaUons are located
  • GBW uses trained and tested mystery shoppers in every geography – underpinned with our own quality assurance teams to ensure confidence in every visit

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