Online Assessments

Online assessments examine the entire customer journey, either through a mystery shopping approach (walking in your customers' shoes) or through a voice of the customer approach (listening to customers). Both approaches assist in capturing aspects of customer experiences that can be used to identify gaps, find solutions, and measure the results as part of the overall customer experience strategy.

How we can help?

We understand that the most trivial issue with a service can result in losing a customer to a competitor. Thus, at GBW we help our clients focus on their online assessments through:

  • Programs designed to assess each critical stage in a customer's journey, helping them through each step that they take i>
  • Highly trained evaluators, capable of providing a measurement range - using circumscribed people to ensure the programs reflect every specific requirement that different target audiences may have.
  • Proprietary reporting platform that provides a single source of information.
  • Analysis against external data sources, to link key operational data.
  • An industry-leading quality assurance process that adheres to the highest ISO 9001 standards.

GBW takes its clients requirements seriously and therefore follows the highest quality standards beyond the expectations of the industry.

Online Assessments

Our CX offerings

Program consultation and design

  1. Establishing objectives, scope and priorities
  2. Recommending optimised solutions
  3. Engaging and co-creating with stakeholders
  4. Establishing key touchpoints and channels
  5. Designing surveys to optimise insights
  6. Aligning incentive strategies to drive responses

Data capture and action tracking

  1. Create alerts for immediate action
  2. Allocating ‘contact me’ tracking and monitoring
  3. Escalating outstanding actions as required
  4. Generating all site reports and dispatch

Program creation and delivery

  1. Obtaining client sign-off and setup programs
  2. Setting up measurement specifics within KODOhub
  3. Integrating social media wherever required
  4. Establishing an online strategy to drive responses
  5. Tracking and monitoring ongoing responses

Analytics & Reporting

  1. Populating GDX interactive Bi reporting tool
  2. Undertaking thorough analysis of collected data
  3. Generating QBR (quarterly) reporting
  4. Applying existing knowledge to enhance future waves
  5. Presenting insights to stakeholders

Online Assessments

What makes us different?

As one of the biggest customer experience companies specialising in online assessment frameworks and competitor benchmarking tools we have been market leaders in CX Management for 27+ years with a global coverage in 100+ markets. Our in-house system and platform methods ensure a unique solution for each of our clients. We are a part of Sonata Software – India’s fastest growing IT Services business, with 5000 passionate technology professionals worldwide. We have a strategic ongoing partnership with our clients and ISO9001 certification for quality assurance that includes omnichannel capabilities which provide bespoke end-to-end customer journey insights and analytics that drive meaningful change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online assessments place evaluators in the shoes of customers. It undertakes specific measurable scenarios and assessments, against comapny expectations, comparing the real-world experience against company expectations and providing both objective and subjective feedback based on the outcomes of the assessment. This is undertaken at multiple steps along the customer journey, from initial awareness and consideration (how the offerings are presented against those of the competitors), to purchase and delivery and post-purchase services (call centre assessments, online chat support etc.), and ultimately to the likelihood of the customer to repeat and recommend the company based upon the overall experience.

  • Awareness of performance against expectations (both internal and external) focussed on key strategic areas of your business.
  • Understanding and addressing damaging experiences anywhere along the customer journey
  • Recognition of performance against competitors from a brand agnostic point of view
  • Tracking customer expectations compared to the company/departmental performance
  • Cost Effective programmes that deliver significant returns on investment through improved focus and performance
  • Scalable Worldwide Reach - using local representatives to ensure all aspects of the experience is credible and authentic
  • Ensuring focus is given to actionable insights through program outcomes which are distributed across your business to specific teams and stakeholders
  • Strategic partnership at every stage of the programme, from initial engagement and program design to consultancy, insights and analytics

Thorough customer service assessment is done through online assessments of tests or activities/actions such as scenario-based assessments which are focussed on objective and subjective aspects of online experiences/shopping. Furthermore, by undertaking a detailed analysis of the customer support function, given the critical role they play in overcoming challenges. Assessments of this nature include: call resolution, customer waiting time, problem-solving skills, product knowledge, length of call time, complaint handling, abandoned calls, resolved tickets, success rate of calls, tone and language used in the process, cross-selling opportunities, immediacy of the response rate, response to training, customer satisfaction and customer retention rate.

GBW believes that a unique combination of physical and digital measurement capabilities ensures that any assessment benefits from the use of technology, data reporting and analytics – while also fully utilising the vital role that human interactions play in the process, to deliver:

  • Process improvement
  • Sentiment tracking
  • Business decision analysis
  • Action tracking outcomes

GBWs dedicated client servicing team takes the time to understand your business, its objectives, and recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your existing delivery through an in-depth analysis.

In addition, GBW takes the time to review existing feedback from different sources (both internal and external) to align on the opportunities that require focus and improvement.

Following the initial engagement, we design every aspect of your program - working closely with stakeholders to ensure your program objectives are met. We then set up the program (often in as little as four weeks) which includes data capture, quality assurance and BI reporting elements.

Once our assessments are underway, access is given to key stakeholders to monitor ongoing performance, and track actions that are generated from the program output.

Ongoing reviews both informal and structured are undertaken to ensure close alignment and a deep understanding of the results captured and performance improvement.

Customer Service is ultimately a combination of multiple factors that come together to create an overarching experience. It can be as small as a pleasantary that is exchanged between the company and customer, or as vast as rectification of unforeseen problems at any stage of the customer journey. How each of these areas is delivered, and how seamless the overall experience is (in conjunction with your aspirational brand standards) are ultimately the standards against which customer service is assessed.

Depending upon the specifics of the above, GBW utilizes an optimized combination of both physical and digital measurements to provide online assessments that drive performance and provide the insights needed to build awareness, understanding and ultimately action.

Our CX solutions are focused on transforming the total customer experience through surveys, metrics, analytics and auditing by using the CXM framework to combine physical measurements with digital Platformation™ capabilities. We are committed to finding the right customer experience strategy that can lead to a competitive advantage.

Sonata GBW is a global technology company specialising in customer experience CX measurement, platform-based digital transformation, supporting businesses to become connected, open, intelligent and scalable. Global coverage of more than 105 markets with over 27 years of market leadership through extensive measurement capabilities, powerful and intuitive reporting and analytics platforms give us the leverage to improve customer experience. It has presence across USA, Canada, EMEA and APAC regions. If you would like to know more about how we can assist you, please fill out the business enquiry form below.