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Customer Experience

Everyone understands the importance of Customer Experience, yet many companies struggle to maximize the full potential of their CX Programs. We combine GBW's CX expertise with Sonata's Platformation™ capabilities methodology that enables your business to 'Go Beyond'.


Missing the big picture

CXe helps you understand your complete customer journey, including previously unforeseen pain points.

CXe is a framework that is flexible to suit your business needs and helps you solve challenges.



Disparate data sets

Consolidate performance accross sytems, functions or geographies using CXe.


Delivering It yourself

CXe ensures your solution meets your specific needs - rather than leaving you to fend for yourself.


Programs with zero results as next steps

CXe helps you drive change by allocating, tracking and recording actions.


Missing correlation within CX metrics

Understand how CX metrics correlate to your business metrics, and whether they yield an ROI.


KODO CX Platform

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CX programs often develop over time, with different sources, objectives,owners, languages, IT systems, and outputs. Pulling all these programs into a single platform is only the start of fully utilizing the data collected to its full potential.

KODO's multiple APIs enable us to connect IT systems and software platforms, to deliver all your insights within a single suite of BI dashboards. All of these, custom-designed for your business and unique to GBW.

We utilize APIs to seamlessly connect to any standard reporting software / ERP / CRM - knitting the data together from multiple sources will enable us to support joined-up decision making. Finally, we create tailored reporting platforms that support your CX objectives across each geography and hierarchy.


Helping our clients succeed

We offer you an unparalled, comprehensive solution to help you understand and improve your customer's experiences. Our proprietary enhanced customer experience framework (CXe), extensive experience, geographic coverage and versatile omnichannel capabilities, when coupled with our market- leading reporting and analytics platform, goes beyond any other offering.

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