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Mystery shopping


Mystery Shopping is used to measure and improve the quality of the overall experience provided by any business focussed on delivery great customer service.

Mystery Shoppers are recruited to visit stores, restaurants, showrooms, venues, outlets, call centers and even online sites… in fact anywhere that customers interact with a business.

Mystery shoppers are trained to ensure they know what to look for, they understand what ‘good’ looks like and they provide an objective assessment against pre-defined criteria. The role requires excellent listening, observation and recollection skills.

The great news is that as a mystery shopper you choose the assignments that are most relevant to you and your lifestyle. The best mystery shoppers feel comfortable in the environment that they are measuring, because the chances are, they’re already customers of the brand or retailer.

You are paid for your time and where a purchase is required, the cost of the reimbursement. With measurements taking place every day, and a growing client list too, you’ll have plenty of interesting assignments to choose from.

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Why should I be an evaluator?

Many mystery shoppers join up because they enjoy shopping, others because they want to contribute to the ongoing improvement of customer service in the retailers and brands they shop with. Some enjoy the flexibility provided to earn additional income when and where they like.


Can anyone be an evaluator?

Sonata GBW Mystery Shopping is perfect for a range of people. The flexibility of Mystery Shopping means a job can be scheduled for a lunch break, between classes, at night, in the morning, on the weekend or between errands. All we ask is that you’re focussed, detailed, have a good memory and are reliable.


Compliance audit

Compliance Audits are used to measure and improve the standards of presentation, cleanliness, health and safety and even legal compliance delivered by brand or retailer teams.

Compliance auditors are recruited to visit stores, restaurants, showrooms, venues and outlets… in fact any physical location where frontline teams are asked to deliver a product or service to a specific set of standards.

Compliance Auditors are trained to ensure they know what to look for, they are rigorous and detailed, and they provide an objective assessment against pre-defined criteria – contained within the auditors manual. As an overt assessment (unlike mystery shoppers, auditors present themselves to the team at the beginning of their assessment) the role requires excellent communication, presentation, listening and observational and skills.

Compliance Auditors require a greater commitment in terms of the length of the assessment and the training that’s required. The great news is that you will have a chance to see a client’s operation in significant details which can be really interesting, and in return the payment for the work undertaken is higher. The best compliance auditors feel comfortable taking a more engaging role with teams of employees and managers.

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Compliance Auditors are professional, well presented and observant. They are able to work independently and with initiative to ensure that the audit process is carried out objectively, thoroughly and efficiently.

GBW Auditors tend to be selected from the best of our mystery shoppers, or from those who have previous experience undertaking such evaluations.

GBW Auditors undergo training and assessments, leading to certification that ensure you know exactly what needs to be assessed during any evaluation.




With so many Mystery Shopping companies to choose from, what sets GBW apart from the rest? Well, we:


What should I avoid when choosing a Mystery Shopping Company? Be careful as not all companies are as reputable as GBW. There are fraudulent companies posing as legitimate businesses offering lucrative Mystery Shopping jobs. Here are some key tell-tale signs to help identify fraudulent companies:


  1. If they ask you to pay upfront fees to register
  2. If they claim that you will make massive profits
  3. If they “guarantee” Mystery Shopping jobs
  4. If they send unsolicited emails offering “shop for free” or “work from home” jobs
  5. If they send you a check in return for buying gift cards