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Our brand and compliance audits deliver insights that drive action to resolve:

  • Inconsistent brand execution across your estate/multiple geographies.
  • Inconsistent brand standards, whether due to compliance, condition, or cleanliness.
  • Non-compliance due to sub-standard operations, sales and/ or marketing practices.
  • Inability to drive change following a compliance audit, without specific, timely and measurable actions.

Brand and Compliance Audits are a detailed assessment of any visual or operational aspect of your business by GBW’s trained and certified auditors, against your specific expectations.

Consistent branding, flawless promotions and even compliance solutions are all vital when it comes to:

  • Building positive experiences and perceptions on behalf of your customers.
  • Trust, pride and engagement amongst your teams.
  • Maximising sales and the likelihood of return custom and onward recommendations to help build your business success.


Our CX offerings

Our audit and compliance service, means you can rely upon our team of experienced client servicing and operational personnel to take you through the following steps:

Program consultation and design

  1. Establish objectives, scope and priorities
  2. Recommend optimised solutions
  3. Engage and co-create with stakeholders
  4. Design Programme Standards, Specifications and Site List documents
  5. Obtain and apply localisations
  6. Obtain client sign-off

Data capture and action tracking

  1. Track and monitor field working
  2. Quality assess every assignment
  3. Respond to any frontline enquiries
  4. Allocate action tracking and monitor
  5. Escalate outstanding actions as required

Program creation and delivery

  1. Set up Quality Assurance systems
  2. Evaluator Recruitment + Training
  3. Certify evaluators
  4. Set up KODOhub mobile application
  5. Schedule auditors to complete tasks

Reporting and analytics

  1. Generate all site reports and dispatch
  2. Populate GDX interactive Bi reporting compliance tool
  3. Undertake analysis of data collected
  4. Generate QBR (quarterly) reporting
  5. Present insights to stakeholders
  6. Apply learnings to enhance future waves


What makes us different?

Case Study


Delivering the Retail Site Survey program with different requirements and standards across 4000 stores from different states and outlet types​.

Intense training and selection of auditors (including face-to-face interviews, webinar training and certification tests)​

Key Achievements

Maintaining consistent brand values even through localized processes​.

  • Program recognised as a key component to the business.
  • Key KPI measurements for stores to be able to acquire performance rewards​​.
  • Bespoke reporting platform enabling a ‘closed loop’ for all non-compliance.
  • All stores received and completed the Action Plan Report​​.
  • Critical Miss Emails dispatched within 4 hours of notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact formula as to when a company should perform an audit. Subject to what you are measuring, they can be carried out on any frequency from annually (for a review of branded fixtures and fittings), to quarterly (where there’s a benefit to focussing on specific areas of an operation or in line with your seasonal and promotional changes), through to monthly where legal compliance or due diligence checks are required.

Any compliance checklist starts with an alignment of objectives, measurables and deliverables. This approach drives the criteria against which any element of the audit will be measured, down to specific evidence-based criteria that establishes the compliant from non-compliant. Alignment on scoring is also applied, to support weighting of findings and an ability to separate major from minor issues. Capturing all critical-visual based elements are then agreed upon, along with criteria for how the images need to be obtained and what they need to show. The outcome of these steps ensures an ability to calibrate findings from any location to enable a like-for-like assessment across an entire business.

  1. Firstly, we agree with our clients on the overall objectives for an audit program.
  2. We then take the time to understand ‘what good looks like’ in terms of standards of execution across any given location – utilising what exists in terms of guidelines.
  3. We go on to establish whether there are any agreed local exceptions that need to be factored in to any specific location or category of stores. This ensures that no teams are penalised for non-compliance where existing agreements are in place.
  4. We create our program documents in consultation with our clients, including training materials to ensure all measurements are consistent.
  5. We work on the creation of authorisation letters and agreed timeframes for program delivery.
  6. Once all documents have been signed off, setup begins and client specific training and auditor certification is completed.
  7. Once fieldwork is underway, all completed evaluations are closely monitored by our Operations Team and scrutinised by our dedicated Quality Assurance Teams.
  8. In agreement with our clients, audit results are released within our reporting cx platform to front line teams to provide immediate feedback on overall performance, as well as internal stakeholders will specific responsibilities for the areas of measurement.
  9. Where applicable, any element that can be rectified by the site teams are automatically included in an Action Planning tool – and tracked to completion or escalated internally if no action has been taken after an agreed period.

The main objective of conducting a compliance audit is to assess how well your physical locations and frontline teams are delivering a consistent experience to your customers in line with your business's compliance practices and protocols.

Failing a compliance audit provides opportunities to understand the extent of any systemic failure, the need for additional targeted training or investment. Ultimately the outcome of any audit measurement provides the opportunity to improve compliance and measure this improvement against other operational and customer experience related metrics to quantify the potential positive impact and return on any investment.

A brand audit is a detailed analysis that shows the performance of your brand in specific stated goals. Taking a step back and looking at your brand gives you the ability to see the bigger picture and identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Mystery Shopping provides an ongoing perspective on performance from a customer's perspective, outside of an established audit measurement cadence.
  • Employee Engagement surveys take an opportunity to understand where barriers to cx compliance solutions may exist and are fundamental to identifying opportunities to resolve gaps in delivery – whether due to awareness, understanding, action.

A brand audit helps you to figure out what's working with your branding strategy and also what could be improved.

Generally speaking, a brand audit is a detailed analysis showing how your brand is performing compared to its stated goals. Taking a step back and looking at your brand through a different lens gives you the ability to see the wider landscape and to identify your strengths and opportunities.

A general brand analysis checklist includes: customer analysis, competitor analysis and an audit of the current brand. However, brand analyses can also include a market analysis, brand architecture analysis, brand risk analysis, or brand management analysis.

GBW creates compliance checklists in conjunction with our clients as a tool that can be utilised by our trained evaluators (as an independent assessment) or by frontline teams (as a self-assessment evaluation tool) to drive focus, understanding, ownership and standards against an organization's adherence to its own policies, industry standards, or regulations.

Checklists are both comprehensive and structured in their design in order to provide evidence based calibrated assessment against specific criteria – often captured as text, image or even audio-based responses. These are then evaluated, and detailed actions are then generated across ownership responsibilities to rectify (and prevent future) sub-standard performance.


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