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5 Tips to Measure Brand Compliance in the Fuel Industry

5 Tips to Measure Brand Compliance in the Fuel Industry

Brand compliance and brand consistency in the fuel industry go hand in hand. Brand compliance audits/brand audits/compliance audits are held regularly in the fuel business throughout the fuel retail store or c-store to ensure the brand is following guidelines and adhering to its fuel retail processes and fuel retail operations in a systematic manner. Typically one would only see leading fuel industry companies take note of these small details that aid the more significant cause; that being customer retention, customer success and customer satisfaction along with increasing revenue. However, other fuel brands/fuel c-stores/fuel retail stores must take a leaf from the leading fuel companies’ book and incorporate these customer experience strategies to do better in the robust fuel industry market!

Consistency across all your fuel branches is what can help you with the greatest of challenges in the fuel industry. The entire organisation should be able to align themselves to the fuel brand requirements and the fuel brand manual. They should be able to address each touch point across every customer journey because that is how customers are interacting with your fuel brand and forming different associations with the fuel brand. The way you choose to communicate with your customers, viewers or audience is important because that is how your customers are going to remember you. This consistency in communication must also be adhered to when it comes to digital communications across all online platforms. This is why maintaining consistency or as we are going to call it brand compliance, brand audit and compliance audits are a must.

Further in this article, we will discuss the various types of brand elements that can be measured and analyzed along with alignment to the strategies, design, brand architecture, messaging, licensing or a combination of all these categories.

  1. Setting up a global brand team and global help desk

    A team of qualified individuals who can monitor, manage and control your brand’s ongoings in real-time is essential to your growth in the fuel industry. When your fuel brand is functioning from different geographic locations with different target audiences and different agendas in place it can get very difficult to streamline even the foundation of your fuel company. This is where a global brand team will come into the picture. The team becomes your fuel brand's brain to activate fundamentals and also align them with every branch, channel, region, business or stakeholder. A global help desk on the other hand allows your fuel brand to have every information it needs in the same space. Help desk teams advise and assist fuel retail employees on how they can stay on-brand and allow consistency to be maintained.

  2. Recording the status of compliance when services are provided

    Analyses begin once everything is computerized and all inquiries are centralized in the system. Through regular compliance audits and brand audits regular checks can be made on the adherence levels, brand expression and brand guidelines on brand platforms through inquiry. In fact, this can be done based on types of materials, different regions, individual departments or various vendors as well. Once you have your hands on this kind of fuel industry data you can go ahead and identify the major challenges that the fuel brand is facing. You can also take a keen look at the different regions and departments that are facing challenges in the fuel industry and need to follow specific fuel industry trends 2022. This type of statistical fuel industry data is critical because it helps with creating awareness and allowing the senior-level fuel employees in making the right decisions using the right kind of facts and figures.

  3. Audits

    With this blog, we also want the highlight the need for not only a customer experience and customer experience management system for your fuel brand but also the need for brand audits in fuel retail stores and compliance audits in the fuel retail stores or c-stores. They can organically find out the credibility of the brand compliance and how well it is implemented into your fuel brand. They help will regularly evaluating products and materials of regular and irregular use along with the fuel retail store operations. This includes materials, collaterals, marketing campaigns, stationery, packaging and merchandise. A diligently administered brand audit also gives you an understanding of how well your brand was perceived in the digital world including online platforms where you are being discussed among customers and potential customers continuously. The digital world as we have mentioned in other blogs is filled with crucial pieces of information that you are possibly missing out on. These feedbacks, complaints, tickets are all great resources for you to work on yourself, understand your customer better and improve sales and increase revenues.

  4. Employee surveys

    Different groups of fuel brand employees who work in different silos are reacting to your fuel brand regulations differently. That should not be too surprising since this is the case in almost any industry across the board. That is the norm. However, it is important for you as a fuel brand to align all those different areas and people working in those different areas with what your brand stands for and also how you as a fuel brand want to be looked at. That is why enquiring, training and analysing the responses from your fuel retail store employees is also critical to your understanding of what area you would like to improve. You can conduct such research on a ground level with a survey or have a leading customer experience company do the job in an organised and systematic manner.

  5. Conduct external research

    If the employees can bring you relevant data about your organisation which can eventually help you in making decisions then so can the other external stakeholders. It is rarely the people on top who know exactly what is happening but it is more often than we would admit that the people at the base who are aware and most likely to give credible input on your fuel business. An external stakeholder can give you qualitative or quantitative data on the fuel industry customers and fuel industry competitors that you would have otherwise missed or uninterpreted.

Leading customer experience companies like SonataGBW can help you analyse, measure and record (in real-time) all the necessary information you need to make better fuel industry decisions. We know how important customer retention, customer success and customer satisfaction along with increased revenues and sales are to you in the fuel industry. We can help you host brand audits and compliance audits in a manner that can bring stability to your fuel business in the fuel industry, making you inch your way closer to the top!

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