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quality policy


Quality Policy

GBW is an ISO 9001 certified Company that recognises the importance of adopting a strategy, which bases the development of our business on the pursuit of quality throughout the organisation.

This means that our systems and processes of Customer Experience Measurement Products including mystery shopping, retail compliance check, customer feedback surveys and data analytics are of high quality and are continually improved for our clients and staff.

We strive to put quality first.

This commitment to quality is based on the principle that the effective and consistent implementation of operational systems, which reflect both client and business requirements, will result in the continuous satisfaction of client needs.

It is the policy of the Company to achieve this through the continual improvement of the Company’s activities by the planning, setting and implementation of specified and measurable quality objectives by the Management Team and the regular review of the effectiveness of the management system via the Management Review process.

This commitment is based on the implementation of a management system that reflects the business requirements of the Company. This management system is defined in a documented management manual, which provides clear standards and guidelines in all appropriate areas of the Company’s activities.

Since our customer experience products help our clients provide the highest quality service to their customers, it is understandable that our clients in turn demand and receive the same high quality service from the GBW team.

Our quality objective is to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional, and efficient manner.

To achieve this objective we will:

  • Achieve consistent Operations and Client Servicing processes that deliver excellent service and product quality, measured by client focused KPIs, client feedback (solicited and unsolicited) and our continued certification to ISO 9001. Set objectives and targets to measure our performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide adequate resources to continually review and improve our business process.
  • Encourage all people to integrate quality management into the way we work and promote its application as a method for continual improvement within our area of responsibility.
  • Actively seek feedback from our clients and surveyors and address opportunities for improvement which are identified.

It is the intent of the Company that our management system will, at a minimum, satisfy the requirements of our clients, the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard, and all legal and regulatory requirements.